Current situation in Bonterra Park due to COVID-19



We are experiencing an unprecedented situation in Spain due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, which has led the government to decree a state of national alarm.

Since the same Friday, March 13, Bonterra Park has had to adapt to the regulations and recommendations of all the competent bodies and drastically change the working protocols as well as the use of our facilities by campers.

Performance of the professional team of Bonterra Park

The campsite is maintaining the hygiene, safety and required distances between employees.

  • One person works a shift at reception, answering questions and canceling reservations. By having numerous calls and contacts by email or on social networks, we ask for patience and we will try to respond to all as soon as possible.
  • In offices we have reduced the presence of administrative and management and minimum distances are maintained as well as extreme cleaning of common areas.
  • The maintenance team has been reduced to two people and in the cleaning department we have a team of 4 people dedicated exclusively to the continuous cleaning and disinfection of all common areas. To avoid contact with other people, the cleaning of the chalets and bungalows is suspended.

For its part, our animation team will remain inactive until the situation returns to normal.

Adaptation of common facilities in Bonterra Park

  • Since last Friday all social venues have been closed. Restaurant, swimming pool, gym, social club, have their doors closed until further notice.
  • We have reduced the use of service blocks, so that both shower stalls, toilets and attached sinks will have alternate uses in order to maintain minimum distances between people.
  • Common outdoor areas are also prohibited from being accessed and used by campers.

Recommendations and rules for campers

  • Following the same regulations published in BOE with the restrictions applicable to all inhabitants of Spain, we have closed access to new customers with reservations for the weekend and the next 15 days at least, and current campers are prohibited from leaving their accommodation except for basic permitted causes: trips to the supermarket, pharmacy or health centers, short walks with pets and always individually.
  • We remind all campers that any type of meeting between “neighbors” or the use of open facilities, such as a petanque area, sports area, swings or outdoor gym is not allowed. Likewise, we insist on the use of our own toilets as well as a minimum access to the common service blocks.

We appreciate the patience and collaboration of all of you campers, clients with canceled reservations and residents of Benicàssim, for this common good of our society. We will continue to inform you of any changes or news. We hope that this situation can be reversed very soon.

Thank you.

Bonterra Park

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Condiciones de reserva

Estancias mínimas

Consultar estancias mínimas de reserva según temporada.


Las condiciones de reserva son las siguientes:

  • Alojamientos: 50% del importe total de la estancia al formalizar la reserva.
  • Parcelas: 25% del importe total de la estancia al formalizar la reserva.

El resto será abonado a la llegada. Las reservas se confirmarán cuando se reciba el depósito anteriormente mencionado.

Bonterra Park se compromete a reservar un tipo de parcela o alojamiento, pero nunca uno en concreto.

Las reservas de parcelas se realizarán para un mínimo de dos personas.


La devolución del depósito de la reserva se realizará como se detalla a continuación: con más de un mes antelación: 90% del depósito; entre 7 y 30 días de antelación: 50% del depósito; menos de 7 días de antelación: 0% del depósito.


La reserva que no llegue el día previsto, se mantendrá durante 24 horas. A partir de este momento, la reserva se considerará nula, excepto previo aviso por escrito.

Booking conditions

Minimum stay
Please check minimum stay requirements depending on the season.

Booking conditions are as follows:
Lodging: 25 % of total price on formalizing the booking. Pitches: 25% of total price on formalizing the booking. The rest is to be paid on arrival.

Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the above-mentioned deposit. 
Bonterra Park guarantees the booking of a pitch or accommodation, but not the exact one.
Pitch bookings are for a minimum of 2 people.

The booking deposit will be refunded as follows: more than one month’s notice: 90 % of deposit; between 7 and 30 days: 50 % of deposit; less than 7 days: 0% of deposit.

The booking of a guest that does not arrive on the scheduled day will be maintained for 24 hours. After this time, it will be considered void, except in case of previous written notice.

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