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Bonterra Resort, with NIF B-12572400 and address at Avenida Barcelona nº 47, 12560 Benicàssim (Castellón), in accordance with the provisions of article 29.2 of Law 7/2023, of 28 March, on the protection of the rights and welfare of animals, approves the following ACCEPTANCE RULES FOR PETS at the Bonterra Resort establishment, in accordance with the following,



Bonterra Resort declares itself to be a “pet-friendly” establishment, admitting both the presence and the accommodation of pets in its facilities with prior confirmation, for which the owner of the same must comply with the regime detailed in the following articles.

1. Admission of Pets

The pets whose presence is permitted in the hotel establishment are limited to the following classes:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Others (To be consulted)

1.1. It is forbidden the access and stay of potentially dangerous animals according to the rules and regulations, animals that show obvious signs of danger to people, other animals and things, disease or lack of hygiene, as well as animals in heat.



1.2. The client who wishes to stay with their pet must check availability and specify it in the booking and/or inform the establishment.



1.3. Only two pets will be allowed per booking of a pitch or accommodation that has been previously confirmed by the establishment.



1.4. At the time of formalising the booking, or at check-in, Bonterra Resort will require a passport and a valid civil liability insurance policy for damages to third parties, if applicable, which includes in its coverage the persons responsible for the animal.



1.5. The accommodation of pets will entail a supplement per pet per day in accordance with the rates approved and published by Bonterra Resort.



1.6. The pet must have the mandatory vaccinations and meet all the regulatory requirements for its possession (identification microchip, certificate of ownership), for which Bonterra Resort reserves the right to request the exhibition at any time during the pet’s stay of any documentation that may be necessary to prove such circumstances.


1.7. Owners of pets staying or accommodated at Bonterra Resort must comply with the provisions of Law 7/2023, of 28 March, on the protection of the rights and welfare of animals, with regard to the obligations and prohibitions imposed by the aforementioned law, or regulations that replace it.

2. Conditions for the Stay and Stay of Pets

The presence and stay of pets at Bonterra Resort is subject to the following rules:

2.1. Common areas and spaces

  • Pets must remain in the common areas and spaces together with their owners, complying with the safety regulations that may be required of them, so that they do not endanger the integrity of the rest of the clients, the staff of the establishment or their own.
  • It is forbidden to feed pets in the common areas and spaces outside the places specifically designated for this purpose. The customer must be provided with the tools designed for this purpose.
  • The owners of pets are obliged to pick up any possible depositions and urine that may be produced in these areas.
  • The presence of pets is prohibited in the following common areas and spaces: in the swimming pool area, inside the restaurant, in the common areas inside the establishment and children’s play areas.

2.2. Hygiene-sensitive areas

In compliance with the provisions of Article 14 of Royal Decree 1021/2022 of 13 December, which regulates certain hygiene requirements for the production and marketing of foodstuffs in retail establishments:

  • The presence of pet animals is prohibited in areas of the establishment where foodstuffs are prepared, handled, displayed or stored.
  • Pets are allowed on the terrace of the restaurant.
  • Owners or persons responsible for the animals are informed of the access requirements.
  • Animals are kept on a leash, in a carrier or controlled by other means.
  • Animals should be of appropriate behaviour and hygienic condition, with no obvious signs of disease such as diarrhoea, vomiting, presence of external parasites, abnormal secretions or open wounds.
  • Animals are prevented from coming into contact with the equipment and utensils on the premises, with the staff of the establishment, as well as with table surfaces; in case of contact, the affected areas shall be cleaned and disinfected with appropriate materials.
  • They are fed or watered using, in all cases, utensils specifically designed for feeding animals.
  • The establishment shall have cleaning equipment for exclusive use in the event of urination, defecation or vomiting by the animals.
  • The presence of pets is prohibited in the swimming pool, spa, gym and children’s play areas.

2.3. Accommodation in pitches/accommodation units

  • Pets may not be left alone in the pitch/accommodation unit. They must always be accompanied by their owners.
  • Pet owners must ensure that pets do not cause noise nuisance that could disturb the rest of the guests.
  • Pet owners must prevent pets from climbing onto beds, armchairs and other furniture in the accommodation.
  • Pet owners must refrain from using baths, showers, sinks and other sanitary facilities for bathing their pets. The specific baths for this purpose located in Block I and Block IV of services must be used for this purpose.

3. Stay, Access and Stay of Assistance Dogs

3.1. The access and stay of assistance dogs belonging to the Armed Forces and State Security Forces and Corps on duty is permitted, in accordance with their specific legislation, as well as the access, stay and accommodation of assistance dogs for people with disabilities who need them.


3.2.  The access, stay and accommodation of assistance dogs for people with disabilities is subject to the provisions of the regional regulations, which may be as follows:

  • The document accrediting their identity, the card of the bonding unit and the official health documentation of the assistance dog must be carried and displayed.
  • He must keep his identification mark as an assistance dog and the microchip required by animal protection/health regulations in a visible place on the dog’s collar or harness.
  • The assistance dog must be kept by his side with the appropriate restraint and safety measures in accordance with its breed.
  • Assistance dogs are prohibited from accessing food handling areas, areas of exclusive access for hotel staff and swimming pool water.

3.3. Access to assistance dogs for persons with disabilities may be denied in the following circumstances:

  • In case of imminent serious danger to the user, to a third person or to the assistance dog itself.
  • When the animal shows signs of illness, expressed alternatively or cumulatively in the form of fever, abnormal alopecia, diarrhoeal stools, abnormal secretions, signs of skin parasitosis, wounds which, due to their size or appearance, pose a presumed risk to people, or when there is evidence of a lack of grooming or care.

4. Early Termination of Stay and Responsibility

4.1. Failure to comply with these Rules for the Admission of Pets, as well as its indicative signage, may result in the termination of the stay and accommodation of pets, without the hotel establishment being obliged to reimburse any amount to the client.

4.2. In the event of refusal to vacate the establishment, the owner may request the assistance of the police.

4.3. In the event of non-compliance with the obligations and prohibitions set out in the sectoral regulations as owners and/or persons responsible for the pets housed, the establishment reserves the right to report the situation to the competent administrative authorities.

4.4. The owners of the pets found or housed at Bonterra Resort will be responsible for the damage, harm and nuisance they cause to people, other animals and the property they cause.

4.5. Bonterra Resort reserves the right of admission against the owner of the pet for the amounts that he/she has had to pay to compensate for the damages caused to third parties during their stay at the establishment.

Regime in force since September 2023