News and forecasts for the month of November



In our commitment to keep you updated on our news and work forecasts that we have at the campsite, here are the latest news so that you can plan your stay and make it as comfortable as possible.

It’s official, work has started on the new access to the campsite

After a long time of work, we are proud to be able to tell you that we have started the works of the new reception and the new access to the campsite. As many of you already know, the reception has been located in the same place for many years, facing the main street Avenida Barcelona, but this access will be modified for next spring.

The new reception will not only change the access area, but will also enlarge the access and exit routes to and from the campsite, thus making it safer and more spacious for vehicles, caravans and motorhomes.

A project that has been studied in detail to make the access much more comfortable, without having to interrupt the traffic on such a busy avenue as the current Avenida Barcelona. The new entrance will be located on the left side of the campsite, Joan Fuster street, which is currently only open to traffic from Barcelona Avenue, but in the future it will be connected to the new accesses to Benicàssim.

As for the new reception, we will try to give it a design that maintains the essence of the Bonterra campsite, combined with the new forms of construction and trying to be as sustainable as possible.

The construction time is expected to be completed by next spring, if everything goes according to plan.

The pruning begins

This month we have started with the pruning of the trees at the campsite.

For us, the caring of our trees is very important in order to maintain shade in summer and sunshine in winter. For this reason, we try to prune in such a way that the plots are sunnier in winter and have enough time to grow for the summer and can be cooler, always taking into account the natural cycles of the trees.

We will start pruning in the areas of the chalets and villas and we will continue along the streets of pitches B, A, C and we will conclude in street D. During this process, our maintenance team will go one by one through all the pitches and accommodations evaluating which branches are the best ones to remove.

Please note that the campsite has different types of trees: mulberry, melia, pine, eucalyptus… These require different treatments and pruning to maintain the quality of the tree without damaging it.

New doggy bag dispensers

Every year more and more of you choose our campsite to come with your furry friends. As you know, we accept up to a maximum of two pets per pitch all year round and from September to June in the following accommodations.

Therefore, from Bonterra Resort we have installed new doggy bag dispensers for you to have this service available in all areas of the campsite. Previously we only had a dispenser at the back door located at the exit to the greenway.

We have recently installed 3 new doggy bag dispenser points distributed throughout the campsite. You can now find doggy bag dispensing points at all the exits of the campsite and next to the sanitary blocks II and IV.

At Bonterra, we are committed to recycling, so we would like to remind you that although doggy bags are compostable, they go into the dark green waste bin, as they cannot be recycled in the organic bin due to their content.

New water sources for the pitches

In our ongoing process of change and improvement, we are renewing all the water points on the pitches. Previously the fountains were four taps located in a pipe. Currently the fountains are covered with wood from which the four water points are focused on each plot.

As well as improving the aesthetics of the water points, we have also protected the pipes from the possible impacts of the weather.

At the same time, all the water pipes on the plots are being extracted and optimised so that, in the event of a water leak, the inconvenience to customers will be kept to a minimum and any incident can be resolved quickly and efficiently, in accordance with our commitment to the environment and trying to avoid wasting water as much as possible.

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El resto será abonado a la llegada. Las reservas se confirmarán cuando se reciba el depósito anteriormente mencionado.

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The booking of a guest that does not arrive on the scheduled day will be maintained for 24 hours. After this time, it will be considered void, except in case of previous written notice.