Thank you very much to all Bonterra Park customers



After the temporary closure last Saturday of our campsite due to the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19, we would like to dedicate a few words of special thanks to all of you, clients who had to leave our facilities during the past week, as well as to all those with reservations planned and we have had to cancel.

Since 2002, the Bonterra Park campsite has kept its doors open 365 days a year without exception. A large percentage of customers have been loyal repeaters for a long time and are already part of the Bonterra family. Both the families that visit us at Easter and in summer and all the long-stay clients that you spend with us every winter, from many countries in Europe, have made us spend many wonderful moments with you during all this time.

For this reason we want to insist on thanking you for your understanding, collaboration and exemplary attitude in moments as complicated as those we have to live through these days.

As we mentioned in the campsite closing statement, despite being one of the campsites most aware of the prevention and safety against this pandemic, there is no zero risk. There is nothing more important than health, and because of this responsibility towards our clients, our team and our community, we decided to close the establishment, thus complying with the legal recommendations.

Of course, we are aware of the inconvenience and complications that this whole situation has caused to many of you and we deeply regret it.

Over the past few days, we have once again had proof that you, our dear customers, are amazing people. We have cried together when we said goodbye, but at the same time, you have always given us the strength and the conviction that we will overcome this difficult moment. Now we all enter a moment of uncertainty, doubts and fear but we just want all of you and your loved ones to be able to overcome this crisis as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your words and messages so positive and understanding that you have been writing to us during these days. We hope you are all well and that very soon we can welcome you back to our facilities. We will open with more strength and encouragement than ever.

For all of you who have active reservations, we remind you that you can continue to contact us to manage cancellations, date changes or to answer questions. We keep a small team of collaborators on telework to manage your doubts but we ask for a little patience in the response times, due to the restructuring of the company and the number of pending procedures.

You can phone +34 964 300 007, write to or contact us on our social networks.

Customer service hours are Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Direction team.

Bonterra Park.

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Condiciones de reserva

Estancias mínimas

Consultar estancias mínimas de reserva según temporada.


Las condiciones de reserva son las siguientes:

  • Alojamientos: 50% del importe total de la estancia al formalizar la reserva.
  • Parcelas: 25% del importe total de la estancia al formalizar la reserva.

El resto será abonado a la llegada. Las reservas se confirmarán cuando se reciba el depósito anteriormente mencionado.

Bonterra Park se compromete a reservar un tipo de parcela o alojamiento, pero nunca uno en concreto.

Las reservas de parcelas se realizarán para un mínimo de dos personas.


La devolución del depósito de la reserva se realizará como se detalla a continuación: con más de un mes antelación: 90% del depósito; entre 7 y 30 días de antelación: 50% del depósito; menos de 7 días de antelación: 0% del depósito.


La reserva que no llegue el día previsto, se mantendrá durante 24 horas. A partir de este momento, la reserva se considerará nula, excepto previo aviso por escrito.

Booking conditions

Minimum stay
Please check minimum stay requirements depending on the season.

Booking conditions are as follows:
Lodging: 25 % of total price on formalizing the booking. Pitches: 25% of total price on formalizing the booking. The rest is to be paid on arrival.

Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the above-mentioned deposit. 
Bonterra Park guarantees the booking of a pitch or accommodation, but not the exact one.
Pitch bookings are for a minimum of 2 people.

The booking deposit will be refunded as follows: more than one month’s notice: 90 % of deposit; between 7 and 30 days: 50 % of deposit; less than 7 days: 0% of deposit.

The booking of a guest that does not arrive on the scheduled day will be maintained for 24 hours. After this time, it will be considered void, except in case of previous written notice.

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