The Millans: Three generations coming to Bonterra Park since 1976



Today, we want to tell you the story of a Happy Campers Bonterra family that comes to our campsite since 1976.

José and Juliana come from Pamplona and have spent countless holidays with us, they have already become part of the big family Bonterra. Forty-four years have gone by since they visited us for the first time, when their daughter Olga was only eight years old and little did she know that, as of today, she would also be here with the third generation, Iruna.

Changes and evolution of the campsite

We talked to this family and they tell us that the way that people spend their holidays at campsites has changed a lot with the passage of decades. Back then —Juliana tells us—, they had to make a great effort to prepare the trip and also to set up and take down the tents, as it wasn’t as easier as nowadays. “Campers didn’t have fridges, so we had to buy ice every day in order to keep the food in good conditions”, states Olga.

Moreover, they highlight the great progress and development of the campsite Bonterra Park, especially in the last few years.

They used to come with their caravan or tent but, this year, they have chosen a bungalow. It is spacious and as comfortable as a home but ideal for passionate about the camping world and everything related to it, including freedom and outdoors without crowds nor risks.

This year, safe holidays at Bonterra Park

This year, when thinking about their holidays and keeping in mind the risks related to the Covid19, the Millans had no doubt about choosing Bonterra Park as a safe holiday destination. This summer, safety comes first, and José, Juliana and their family have found it here. They have praised the cleanliness and preventive measures just as the comfort and calm of our campsite located in Benicassim.

José will be 90 years old in September so we want to wish him a happy birthday and dedicate this article as a little tribute to him. We also want to thank him and his family for the trust they have placed in us.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for your visit.

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