Live the Benicàssim Experience: relaxation and well-being in a healthy destination



Back in January, Benicàssim raised its tourism strategy as a healthy destination at Fitur 2020, based on health and well-being, both physical and mental. And they were not misguided with the proposed offer, without knowing everything that this 2020 was holding for us.

During these months, mobility has become very complicated, both nationally and internationally.

We are in times of uncertainty but if there is something clear to us, in Benicàssim and in Bonterra Park, it is that health and slow holidays have represented a vacation style that will not go out of style, and that in our town can be experienced throughout the year.

Relaxation and tranquility during the winter in Benicàssim

In winter, Benicàssim offers that calm and peaceful side, away from the heat and summer tourism, but no less attractive. As a matter of fact, many lovers of this town enjoy its beaches, mountains and walks in a calmer way, avoiding the days of maximum heat.

Seeing a sunrise by the sea, feeling that the beach belongs to you; take a walk along the shore or along the promenades of Benicàssim, seeing its wonderful Villas from the beginning of the twentieth century; walking through the natural landscape of the Desierto de las Palmas breathing pure Mediterranean air… These are activities that give you a feeling of instant relaxation and well-being and that fully connect you with nature.

Many people characterize it as paradisiacal, and the truth is that this beach and mountain environment transmits a peace and calm that captures you as soon as you step on Benicàssim.

Benicàssim Experience, a new concept of health and well-being

Within the objective that Benicàssim will become a part of the Spanish Network of Healthy Cities, the concept of “Benicàssim Experience” has been created. This project seeks to provide a varied offer of health and well-being, both physical and mental. Professionals in the sector have also joined this project, such as Bonterra Park, whose brand spirit and purpose are in line with and in accordance with these values.

As activities programmed within this project, Benicàssim offers a wide range of healthy experiences, such as hiking and cycling routes, physical and mental well-being activities, exercises in connection with nature, talks, etc.

To complement all these activities, the healthy Benicàssim proposal is expanded with the gastronomic offer “slow food” based on healthy menus with local and proximity products.

The “slow life” or quiet life of Benicàssim and Bonterra Park, together with a varied and quality accommodation offer, seeks to offer these healthy experiences during the stay of tourists in Benicàssim.

Would you like to enjoy relaxation and well-being in Benicàssim during this winter?

Make your reservation now at Bonterra Park. Disconnect from stress, connect within.

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