Enjoy the festivities of Sant Antoni and Santa Àgueda in Benicàssim



There are only a few days left to start the patron saint festivities of Benicàssim, in honour of Sant Antoni Abad and Santa Àgueda and from Bonterra Resort we want to tell you about the most important events so that you don’t miss anything during the next week.

These festivities will take place from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd January and there will be numerous events, celebrations and leisure activities every day, for the enjoyment of the whole family.

On Saturday 14th the banner will be transferred from the Plaza Constitución and will travel through the streets of the town of Benicàssim. With this institutional act, the festivities will be presented, which will have their first big event on the 16th.

On Monday the 16th, Día de la coqueta, the bells of the church of Santo Tomás de Villanueva will start ringing at 19.00 hours, which will give way to the lighting of bonfires in the streets of Benicàssim. Fire will be the king element during the evening and the villagers will have roast meat for dinner with family and friends, celebrating the beginning of the festivities.

Then, from 22.00 hours, the parade of floats, carts and horses will begin along Santo Tomás street, which will pass in front of the queen of the fiestas and her court of honour, located next to the church of Santo Tomás.
Both the floats and the neighbours who wish to do so will be able to collect blessed coquetas, typical Benicàssim sweets that have been prepared over the last few weeks in order to distribute up to 23,000 units.

In addition, those who bring their animals will be able to have them blessed, as this is a festival dedicated to them and their patron saint, Sant Antoni Abad.

Tuesday 17th January, Saint Anthony’s Day, is a local holiday in Benicàssim and different religious events are celebrated: mass and offering of flowers to Santa Àgueda and the procession through the streets of Benicàssim with the Saint. In the afternoon, after the procession, the traditional Benicàssim dance, the cremaller, takes place.

Throughout the week, Benicàssim will celebrate leisure activities, orchestras, music, bullfighting events, exhibitions… But if there is one event that has become indispensable for Benicàssim residents and visitors and which has been declared a Festival of Provincial and Autonomous Tourist Interest, it is the Día de las Paellas (Paella Day).

Fiestas de Sant Antoni y Santa Àgueda
Día de las paellas

On Friday 20th January this long awaited day will be celebrated after the cancellations of the last few years. Thousands of people will eat paellas spread throughout the streets of Benicàssim, where there will also be a monumental paella for those who wish. The Paella Day is a unique day that you have to experience and know at least once in your life.

Fiestas de Sant Antoni y Santa Àgueda
Día de las paellas

Bonterra Resort will celebrate this day both as a team and together with the clients of the campsite who wish to join in. As in previous years, we will be located in La Viña street and if you want to eat with us, you can register at the reception until Wednesday 18th.
From Bonterra Resort we wish you a happy Sant Antoni and Santa Àgueda festivities.

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