Updates and prospects for the month of June



As you know, we want you to be updated on all the news and work schedules that we have at the campsite so that there are no surprises and your stay at Bonterra Resort is as comfortable as possible.

Here are the plans for the month of June.

Reopening of the swimming pool

We are entering the month of June and our campsite is already finalising the renovation work on the swimming pool. After a month of intense work and, despite the interruption of the torrential rains last week, the pool is almost ready after all the improvement works carried out. So, we are already in the process of cleaning and in the next few days we will proceed to fill and reopen the pool, so that you can enjoy it all summer long.

Repairs of damages caused by the rains


Moreover, as we already mentioned, the torrential rains last Friday caused floods in many areas of Benicàssim and our campsite was also affected. However, thanks to the work of our maintenance team and the collaboration of our customers, we have been able to fix the damage quickly. As for the loss of gravel from the pitches, this is already in the process of being replaced so that everything is in perfect condition.

The area that has suffered the most damage and has been damaged by water and mud has been the multi-sports area track, which has been left unusable for the moment. We are already working to try to recover it as soon as possible and make it available for use very soon.

UPDATE 06/13/2023. After carrying out the administrative procedures with the insurance that covers us the damages, we have begun the arrangements of the sports court as well as the Standard plots. We hope to have everything fixed next week.

Disinfection of facilities to prevent legionella

On June 14, disinfection will be carried out in cisterns and the water supply network of all the facilities, in order to prevent legionella.

During the morning, the toilets in the sanitary blocks will be available, but there will be restrictions on showers and sinks until 3:00 p.m.

As of this time, all services will be operating normally.

Employee training

One of the most important aspects for Bonterra Resort is the training of our employees in different aspects, which affects both globally and specifically by department.
Thus, in May we have carried out a training aimed at the cleaning department, to improve their knowledge of cleaning and disinfection products and tasks.

In addition, today, 1st June, the cleaning and maintenance departments are attending training on risk prevention and practical exercises on the correct use of PPE and accident prevention during the work tasks they carry out.

Audit of ISO 9001 and Q for Quality certificates

This month Bonterra Resort aims to renew the ISO 9001 and Q Quality Certificates, for which it will undergo an audit in the coming days. The aim of these certificates is to verify the quality of our business processes and the achievement of our objectives, as well as to guarantee that the performance of our company’s activity is oriented towards continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

Renewal of the Parc Natural del Desert de les Palmes label

Within the Parcs Naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana brand, Bonterra Resort has the Parc Natural del Desert de les Palmes label, which will be renewed this month with the aim of highlighting the value of this natural park that forms part of the municipality of Benicàssim.

In addition, this seal seeks to reflect the commitment to the environment, sustainable development and working with sustainable economic models, values with which Bonterra Resort feels identified.

Bonterra would like to thank you for your interest in our day-to-day work and for your patience and understanding with regard to anything that may affect your stay.

As always, you know that we do it to improve and always offer you a top quality stay.
We will continue to inform you of all the latest news in future publications.

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