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Benicasim is one of the most special touristic destinations of the Valencian region, a place with charm where, aside from the sun and beaches, you can discover the wonders of the sea, mountains, music and culture.

Benicasim is a town bathed by the water of the Mediterranen sea and enjoys all the benefits of the natural area of the Palms Desert. Even though it has a population of 18,000 people, the town reaches more than 60,000 during the summer period.

The enviable climate of Benicasim make its beaches one of the main touristic attractions. Our area has the sum of more than 6 kilometres of fine, sandy beaches. They stretch for miles and are well cared for, and provide the perfect place for holiday-makers to enjoy many sports.

Dive in

Benicasim beaches

Almadraba: The name of this beach refers to the ancient fishing craft. It’s a fine and sandy beach, bordered by a traditional Mediterranean promenade, ideal for walking and enjoying the sea in peace. Visitors can also enjoy one of the ‘Libraries by the Sea’ situated on the promenade.

Torreón: The majestic tower that gives its name to this beach can be found here. It’s a fine and sandy beach with a slight slope where many cultural and sporting activities are held.

Els Terrers: This is a calm water beach of more than a kilometre and a half long. It’s characterised by the wooden walkway that runs along it and that make it ideal for long walks. In addition, it’s a great choice to practice many aquatic sports.

Heliópolis: This beach, of about 3 km long, it’s one of the longest beaches of Castellon. You can enjoy a relaxed reading by the seaside in the ‘Library by the Sea’, or take a ride on the cycle path that connects Benicasim with the city of Castellón.

Voramar: The beach of Voramar distinguishes itself by its fine sand and shallow gradient. A precious place where you can contemplate the spectacular villas and enjoy water sports in its calm waters.

Gastronomy and leisure

Enjoy the wide range of Mediterranean leisure and gastronomy

The gastronomy of Benicasim is made famous by a range of products, all components of the Mediterranean diet.

Fish and shellfish, roasts, tasty stews, paellas and other rice dishes are part of the diverse cuisine that Benicasim is so very proud of. But it not only offers local cuisine, but a multitude of culinary options for every taste throughout the year: from select restaurants to the authentic taverns, tapas bars, burger bars, sandwich bars, Chinese or Italian restaurants, etc.

Points of interest

Green way (Vía Verde)

This green way is a coastal path between Benicasim and Oropesa that you can walk, run or cycle on. Along this old railway track you are surrounded by nature, the Mediterranean Sea, stunning cliffs, viewpoints, old stone ruins and hidden coves; all part of the history of Benicasim.

Desert de les Palmes Natural Park

The Desert de les Palmes is the Natural Park belonging to 5 municipalities in the province of Castellón, including Benicàssim, a privileged town located between the mountains of this area and the marvellous beaches that cradle the Mediterranean Sea.

In this extensive area you can enjoy the extensive Mediterranean vegetation and the views of Benicàssim from the top of the mountain, while breathing fresh air with a mixture of typical aromas such as rosemary, thyme, pine trees or the wonderful orange blossom, the orange blossom, which gives its name to our coast.

The Desierto de las Palmas was declared a Natural Site in 1989 and in its 3200 hectares we find 9 hiking routes of different levels of difficulty and with varied extensions, which you can walk with your family.

Among its highest peaks are the Mola del Morico at 694 metres and the Bartolo, at 729 metres.

Castillo de Montornés Benicàssim

The villas of Benicasim

The villas of Benicasim are known as the Valencian Biarritz, a 20th century set of villas characterized by its architectural richness and the beauty of its gardens. The characters of the original residents styled the villas of Benicasim, which can be divided into three areas: Hell’s Arean, due to the noisy festivities that took place in this villa; Heavenly Court, known for the peace of this area; and Limbo, which have garden areas that separate them.

Old Convent

This convent originally belonged to the ancient Carmelite Monks Monastery, built in the 17th An earthquake destroyed it in the next century, but a visit is essential due to its artistic heritage.

Torre San Vicente Benicàssim

Saint Vincent Tower

The province of Castellon had eighteen towers along the coast that served as a defence against the corsair attacks. Saint Vincent Tower, surrounded by a spectacular garden by the sea which dates from the 16th century, is one of the best-preserved of the region.

Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Islands are one of the most unique natural spaces of the Valencian Region. It is composed of four groups of volcanic islands with great biological and ecological variety. The beauty of its biological diversity makes it one of the favourite destinations of the diving buffs.